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Teeth whitening CARE

No brushing teeth or flossing within 4 hours of appointment.

Eat before, you won’t be able to eat for at least 2 hours after.

Avoid drinking water, other beverages and eating food for the next 2 hours as it will greatly decrease possible sensitivity.

Do not smoke or chew tobacco for at least 2 hours after the appointment.
Any sensitivity is typically gone within 24 hours. You may choose to purchase desensitizing gel or take a mild pain reliever.

  • Brush very gently with a white toothpaste
  • Avoid using a whitening or baking soda-based toothpaste

NO: Coffee, tea, soda, red wine, tomato sauce, red meat, dark colored vegetables, or any other heavy colors for 24 hours.

YES: Water, white wine, white chicken, pork, turkey, noodles, white sauce, white cheese, potatoes, after 2 hours.


Have whitening done previously if you’re wanting a gem.

Come in with clean teeth.

Eat before – you will not be able to eat for at least 2 hours after the appointment.

Don’t eat for 2 hours (including gum) and eat only soft foods for at least 12 hours.

No brushing for 12 hours.